About Us

Sacred Heart Journeys provides deeply transformative travel experiences to help people reconnect with themselves, their hearts, the land, and the divine. We are an extension of Sacred Heart Ministries, founded by spiritual teacher, transformational coach, and artist Gabriel Gonsalves to promote inner healing and unity.

Our mission at Sacred Heart Journeys is to create sacred spaces where individuals can explore, understand, and heal their hearts. We aspire to be a catalyst for the healing of humanity by nurturing unity, compassion, and understanding — one person at a time.

Meet Gabriel Gonsalves

Gabriel Gonsalves is the visionary leader behind Sacred Heart Ministries. As a spiritual teacher, ordained minister, and leadership consultant, Gabriel brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his role. His journey began with his own personal transformation triggered by a profound depression and an existential crisis. Seeking a new path in life, he immersed himself in volunteer work, supporting individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. It was during this time of service that Gabriel’s heart fully awakened.

Motivated by his experiences, Gabriel pursued his calling as a minister, becoming ordained under the New Thought, Ancient Wisdom Tradition. This led him to establish Agape SA, a trans-denominational spiritual community inspired by the teachings of Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. Over time, Gabriel’s ministry evolved into a spiritual counseling practice, Heart’n Mind Consulting, and the Heart Leader Academy, a learning portal for heart-centered leadership development. He also founded The Path of the Heart Seminars, transformative learning experiences.

Guided by a diverse spiritual lineage, Gabriel draws from his Catholic upbringing, the teachings of Christ, Sufism, and Native American Shamanic traditions. His work is grounded in universal spiritual principles and values. His biggest passion is assisting individuals in awakening their hearts, accessing their inner wisdom, and living lives aligned with their true purpose. Through his teachings, courses, programs, and pilgrimages, he empowers individuals to become the best versions of themselves, cultivating connections and experiencing a profound sense of fulfillment.

Our Pilgrimages

We offer small-group guided pilgrimages of no more than 12 people to sacred sites in Spain and Portugal, including:

  • The legendary Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route
  • The Marian spiritual center of Fatima
  • Other powerful routes and destinations rich in Iberian history and mysticism

Our pilgrimages typically last 9–12 days, depending on the chosen route. They are led by Gabriel Gonsalves, who skillfully guides participants on profound physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys toward transformation.

What Makes Us Unique

What sets Sacred Heart Journeys apart:

  • Small group sizes up to 12 participants encourage intimacy, bonding, and support
  • Deep focus on inner transformation through self-reflection, meditation, heart-shares and connecting with others
  • Comprehensive guidance provided on the pilgrimage experience before, during, and after the trip
  • Follow-up community resources and support networks to integrate the changes after returning home

Why Go On Pilgrimage

Embarking on a pilgrimage offers many benefits:

  • Disconnecting from technology and daily distractions to be fully present
  • Challenging yourself physically while walking ancient historical routes
  • Finding time for self-reflection and spiritual growth
  • Connecting more deeply with yourself, loved ones, and new friends
  • Gaining clarity, insights, and breakthroughs that lead to transformation
  • Creating lifelong memories while exploring new cultures and places

Explore our Upcoming Pilgrimages

Take a look at our range of pilgrimage options designed to support your heart awakening and personal growth journey. Find the route that resonates with you and start your transformative experience with us.

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